Renewal of Hebbakavadi Canal Based Mini Hydro Project in Karnataka, India. (2009-10)

Description: The Hebbakavadi mini hydro project is a set of canal based mini hydro units with capacity totaling to 2.95 MW. The complete installation comprises of 4 mini hydro units to be commissioned along the Hebbakavadi canal in Karnataka. Unit I is of 400 kW located at 2500 m from Hebbakavadi head regulator, whereas Unit II, Unit III and Unit IV are each of 850 kW each and are located at chainage 5550 m, 6920 m and 7850 m respectively from Hebbakavadi head regulator. Unit II & III have been commissioned and are under operation whereas Unit I and Unit IV are at present under implementation.

ENSYDE prepared the Project Design Document (PDD) for renewal of the crediting period of the CDM registered project. The PDD was validated and sent to the UNFCCC with request for renewal.


Impact: This CDM project reduces over 30,000 tonnes of CO2e over a 10 year period.