Household E-Waste Collection & Awareness Creation, India (2016-Ongoing)

Preparation of PDD for Small-Scale Micro-Hydro CDM Project,India, (2003).
June 11, 2016
Solid Waste Segregation Awareness in Residential Communities (2009-2016)
June 10, 2016
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Project description: ENSYDE in partnership with Saahas has developed & is implementing a programmatic approach to collection of e-waste from households and institutions. The programme is designed to account for various behaviour patterns related to e-waste disposal. ENSYDE will assist in managing this total solutions programme for e-waste collection in Bangalore. This project currently in 20 wards is to be expanded. With drop off boxes for public collection, a mobile van for pick up and a hotline number for schedule collection, this program is gaining good traction in the city. Sensitization through street plays, storytelling and other interactive forms has bought this program out as an innovative initiative in waste management.

Impacts Delivered: Through this in a year and a half thusfar, we have collected approximately 7.6 tonnes of e-waste; covered 20 wards with 5 more in the pipeline; reduced over 2 tonnes of carbon emissions and reached over 6 lakh citizens.