bE-Responsible E-Waste Initiative

Description: ENSYDE in partnership with Saahas has implemented an innovative program on e-waste collection and responsible disposal through extensive sensitization programs. Collection and effective disposal of household e-waste has been a gap that needed to be addressed urgently given that e-waste generation is hitting a 30% annual increase mark. ENSYDE conducts sensitization through various campaigns and formats including street plays, competitions, presentations, while Saahas backends this with effective collection and disposal through authorized recyclers.

Environmental Synergies in Development (ENSYDE) in partnership with Saahas (both NGOs), is implementing the initiative on responsible e-waste collection and awareness within households and institutions in Bangalore. In Phase One, we have reached out to over 100 institutions and Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) to participate in this programme. Our partner organisation does the collection once we have completed the sensitization. We have a tie-up with KSPCB authorized recyclers to ensure that the e-waste collected is managed in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

As part of this, we have conducted over 85 awareness campaigns and outreach activities. Our campaigns are conducted to sensitize stakeholders on the need for formal & responsible collection, treatment, recycling and disposal of e-waste; and the environmental, safety and health implications of the informal system that exists today. We are running campaigns in schools, colleges, churches, malls, hospitals and resident welfare associations.

India Posts and Bangalore One Centres have tied up with us and as you will see from the attachments herewith, we have already installed 12 collection points at these centres. This year we will be installing 15 more drop-off boxes in select locations. In addition, our mobile van will collect e-waste on schedule intimated to you in advance. This van will come and collected your e-waste regularly and take it to a KSPCB authorized recycler.

We invite your institution to be a part of this program. Typically we would do a campaign to bring about sensitization on this issue through various media - street plays, storytelling, presentations, competitions for children, etc.

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Impacts delivered: The program is currently run in 20 Wards in Bangalore, and expected to be extended to another 10 wards between 2016-18. We have reached over 6 Lakh citizens through print, online, radio and social media. Collected over 7.5 tonnes of e-waste and reduced over 2 Tonnes of carbon emissions.